Youth trained under Inzira nziza project have embarked on community transformation

By.Eric Birori

Youth beneficiaries of the ‘Inzira nziza’ project in Nyabihu district, have embarked on community transformation. Two weeks after the training these youth have visited and built kitchen gardens for a vulnerable genocide survivor Nyiragafunzo Agnes, who lives in Bigogwe sector, Lega cell.

Through the Inzira Nziza program youth have been trained to contribute to the promotion of peaceful dialogue and democratic values through human rights based approaches, which influence their understanding on the rights of the most vulnerable groups in their communities.

John Bosco Tuyambaze, a participant from the program, noted that they built kitchen gardens because they assure adequate food and nutrition, which are essential for the physical and mental state of children, as well as good quality of life for adults.

He added “the Inzira Nziza project through human rights and critical thinking fostered within us a moral responsibility to participate in community development, especially taking care of elderly people”.

Nyiramaribori Marie asserted that they are starting to implement moral commitment from the Inzira nziza project, whereby they have pledged to play their role in community transformation.

Nyiragafunzo noted that she lives alone and has suffered deeply, so she appreciates these active young people who have taken their time and given her support.

“I have been living this life alone, but I’m no longer alone by having you before me. It is not easy to find appropriate words to thank you for this kindness” Nyiragafunzo said.

One of the expected outcomes of the Inzira Nziza project is empowering youth through information dissemination, to be able and willing to actively engage in processes that address social, economic and political issues in the country.




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  1. tuyambaze jean bosco October 6, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Congratulations to them

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