Youth trained by NAR contribute to the country’s journey of transformation

There have been a large number of youth who have been trained under NAR’s Inzira Nziza program on human rights and democracy, that have started to implement their commitments and goals.

Overall, there has been 400 youth trained by the Inzira Nziza program, meaning 80 per district in 5 Districts. The goal of the Inzira Nziza program was to build a strong network of youth and empower them with opportunities to participate in decision making processes by equipping them with knowledge of democracy, political participation and human rights. These young people are using community service as an opportunity to take part in the country’s transformation through building houses, repairing roads, using their energy to provide facilities to those who are not able.

Tuyambaze Jean Bosco, NAR’s focal point in Nyabihu district, mentioned some activities carried out by youth trained by the Inzira Nziza program. In the Bigogwe sector, Inzira Nziza beneficiaries repaired a roadway from the sector office to a milk station. On the 31st of October 2017, youth from the Bigogwe sector in the Kijote cell attended community dialogues and gave their input. On the 1st of October 2017, they built a toilet for an old woman named Belie Ayinkamiye, among other different activities.

In Nyamagabe district, youth carried out different activities as well, on the 10th of October 2017 youth trained under Inzira Nziza repaired a house and helped to support the vulnerable youth in their community.

Ruhotorambuga Prosper from the Kibirizi sector in Nyamagabe district said it was the first time he had seen a lot of young people who were committed to participate in community work.

“It was my first time in our sector seeing the youth being committed to participate in community services. The training helped us to identify our right to participate in different governmental policies from planning to implementation”.He said

In the Gisagara district from October 20th 2017 to October 28th 2017, youth who were trained under the Inzira Nziza program in August 2017 organized the ‘Birandeba Campaign’ in their community. This campaign consisted of a week which included various activities such as a youth arts competition, a football tournament, a cycling competition, a visit to a peace club, Umuganda (community work), and a public debate which was attended by NAR staff and a Member of Parliament.

Mukangoga Bertilde, from Nyanza sector showed her commitment to participate in the country’s development: “We were born after the genocide against Tutsi. The former regime preached discrimination, nepotism and inequality before the law. As the new generation, we are key actors in building a shared future where all Rwandans are involved in all levels of the governance of the country. I am committed to these goals and they are within my powers.”

In the Birandeba campaign, youth have proved their engagement by responding to the issues affecting community members which has been highly appreciated by local leaders. This is a good starting point for their trust and involvement in various activities.

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