Strengthening partnerships between youth and local leaders

By. Eric Birori

Strong partnerships between local leaders and young people can be a platform for youth who have been excluded from society, to overcome  socio-economic issues hindering them from participating in community development activities.

Amongst the number of reasons for this, are that youth comprise the highest percentage of the unemployed or the working poor. Poverty and lack of education leave the youth in a vulnerable position, and may lead them into feeling excluded from society.

In this regard, Never Again Rwand(NAR)through the ‘Inzira Nziza’ project embarked on addressing these challenges, by empowering youth to be drivers of positive change with knowledge on topics such as democracy and human rights.

To ensure the constructive involvement of Youth in the decision-making process, from the 18th to 19th October 2017, NAR trained 50 youth and local leaders from Nyabihu and Ngororero districts, to  develop and broaden their understanding of democracy, human rights and critical thinking.

In the training youth and local leaders acquired skills on democracy and its principles, causality analysis on youth participation, and the commitments participants are going to implement in their respective communities.

Mukamusoni Alice, a youth coordinator in Kageyo sector noted that youth are not exercising their effective and meaningful participation which would provide them with a platform to raise their issues to the local leaders.

“Most youth don’t get involved in government programs.When  you engage them in such activities and programs, they ask for money in  exchange for their participation ”she said.


According to Bakunduseruye Jacqueline, the  Itorero coordinator in Nyabihu, called upon youth to realize their potential and leaders to strengthen knowledge-building and management on youth issues”.

“Based on  the skills I acquired, specifically on democracy and human rights. I learnt how to listen carefully young people in giving them excellence services because even youth participation is the human rights”she added.

Mutwarangabo Simon, Director of good governance of Nyabihu district witnessed that the training was very important because it increases skills and knowledge among youth and local leaders.


Bakunduseruye Jacqueline,the Itorero coordinator in Nyabihu district

Participants discussed the social,economic & political challenges that hinder active youth participation in decision-making

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