7 years RPF manifesto set to address youth unemployment.

By.Eric Birori


Government of Rwanda will be governed by Rwanda’s ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) manifesto in seven years program from 2017 to 2024, thus the manifesto  sets out to tackle economic development, social welfare, and good governance and youth participation.

In the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF’s) manifesto, the party that has ruled the country since 1994 and recently it’s flag bearer  Paul Kagame  was reelected for a 3td term.

During the concluded seven years of the  President of the Republic (2010-2017), a lot has been achieved in the sectors  of mobilization, youth empowerment and gender equality.Then, the new program government said will emphasize on promoting the culture of patriotism amongst the youth, the art of problem solving and inspiring the youth to participate in the development of the country since they represent its strength and hope.

In regards to youth empowerment, the government will strengthen co-operatives established by the youth and follow up on their activities,  through empowering  them to become job creators  and generate employment for themselves.

Some of the significant achievements set up in the last seven years include Itorero for the youth resident in the country and Diaspora,  young people are represented at all levels of administration ,programs  for combating drug abuse and creating awareness of the AIDS virus and also Rwanda is a signatory to the “African Youth Charter” among others.

Youth in Rwanda constitute 40% of the resident population according to EICV4 while Rwanda’s unemployment rate is at just 3.4 per cent according to Government body of statistics in 2015.

The Government of Rwanda expects to create 200,000 off-farm jobs annually by 2018 while creates about 146,000 off-farm jobs yearly, according to the Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey released in 2015.

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