NAR hosts policy dialogue in nyabihu district

  By. Sonia Tona                         

50 youth from ngorero and nyabihu convened in bigogwe sector to participate in a policy dialogue organized by NAR through Inzira nziza project is a two years project implemented in 5 districts funded by USAID Rwanda.

The main objection for this dialogue was to contribute to the promotion of peaceful dialogue and democratic value. During this discussion the youth noted that there is still low numbers of youth participating in governance.

Some of the challenges hindering their participation highlighted include; unemployment, low levels of confidence and lack of motivation for those who are willing to participate.

“Youth participation in elections is important because they cover 45% of the total population and elections are one of the pillars of democracy.”  said         Mr.Rwabukumba Jean Claude from NEC representative in Nyabihu  and Ngororero.

As Rwanda prepares for the elections the youth have an opportunity to decide their future by choosing leaders who reflect the needs of the citizens at large.

While speaking to the youth Eric Mahoro, programs director at NAR urged the youth of 2 districts to be agents of change in their communities by participating actively in decision making processes.

The youth called upon government leaders to set up more business development institutions to support young entrepreneurs.“More jobs should be created to curb unemployment levels among the youth ” said Esperance a participant in the policy dialogue


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