Meddy reveals political aspirations

By.Eric Birori

Ngabo Medard Jobert is 27 years old, he is one of Rwanda’s premier musicians better known as “Meddy”. After taking a break from music, he has revealed his political aspirations.

Meddy left the country seven years ago, when he was with a Rwandan Delegation in the United States of America for Rwanda Day. He came back to Rwanda for a mega concert and revealed he might have a future in Rwandan politics.

It is not often you hear someone from the Rwandan music industry reveal that they have political ambitions, but during his appearance on RBA’s ‘InFocus’, he stated a desire to join the Rwandan governance sector, specifically within youth empowerment.

“I really love Rwanda with all my heart, the Government, and the president. To be honest I really want to be part of what is going on in Rwanda. You see in the elections how artists come together for one cause. I think we have this spirit, we are all interested in politics and for what we can do for our country…I guess within a few months, I will be part of our governance core”.

He also added that the position he will run for will be within the youth empowerment sector. “I think it is the youth side of Government, you know I like to inspire, innovate, to see young people realizing their dreams, that is one of my biggest dreams”.

He discussed his role as a young person living in the diaspora, where different media outlets and personalities criticize Rwanda on issues of democracy, human rights and power sharing.

“Rwanda has a very special way to deal with different issues. I think I pay more attention to Rwandan politics. We always have different gatherings where we discuss about what we can do for our country. I think talking to young people is something that has a positive impact in understanding and telling true Rwandan stories”.

He added that leaving Rwanda seven years ago should not be considered as betraying the nation, but looking towards a future as a young person who is trying to realize his dreams.

“Just having so many ambitions as young person, trying to find ways and figure out what you want. Everything was me, my life and what I wanted to do. When you are young, you make selfish decisions…I never really thought about family, my friends, country and everything”. Meddy said.

Artist Meddy is well known for love songs such as Ubanza Ngukunda, Igipimo, amayobera and  others that have been produced in Rwanda as well as in the United State of America.

When President Paul Kagame accepted to represent RPF Inkotanyi as their Flag bearer in the 2017 Presidential election, he called on the youth to own the country’s transformation journey and dedicate their youth to a worthy cause focusing on excellence.

Already, Meddy with other two young Rwandans living abroad launched ‘EGA Connect’ project; a plattiform that will help in linking investors and entrepreneurs who don’t have enough resources to implement their projects.

Through this plattiform, Investors will get those projects and decide if they can support them within the purpose of contributing in solving unemployment problem in Rwanda.

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