Inzira Nziza beneficiaries supported Niyonsaba who lives in widowhood.

By. Eric Birori

Her husband died ten years ago and for a young widow it was the beginning of a whole new set of problems, hardships and saddening experiences.

She spoke out about her lifestyle in the Birandeba campaign launched in the Buruhukiro sector of the Nyamagabe district on the 23rd of October 2017, where Inzira Nziza beneficiaries built a metal sheet toilet for a vulnerable young widow in the Buruhukiro sector called “Niyonsaba Stephanie” who is living in a needy situation.

In the Inzira Nziza project, youth have been empowered by Never Again Rwanda to become active citizens with skills and knowledge relating to human rights, critical thinking, democracy and youth participation which were expected to give them a sense of ownership and responsibility in their respective communities.

Niyonsaba Stephanie and widowhood

The 30 year-old Niyonsaba is a widow and mother of two children. She was a dejected woman ever since her husband died 10 years ago and left  her in a failing life where she raised the two children with no other form of income.

“As a widow I didn’t have the strength to build a toilet, that why I’m so thankful to the young community”. Niyonsaba said after having seen the toilet from Inzira Nziza youth beneficiaries in the Buruhukiro sector.

In order to initiate the Birandeba campaign, Inzira Nziza beneficiaries provided help through community work. They had organized the building for her of a metal sheet toilet using all means they had.

Habimana Felicien, the Inzira Nziza beneficiary and Youth coordinator in the Buruhukiro sector emphasized the role of youth participation in Buruhukiro sector after being trained by Never Again Rwanda.

“Significant changes were made by the Inzira Nziza project starting with changing the youth’s mindset, formulating different saving groups and cooperatives and being elected to represent their peers in decision making processes”, Felicien said.

Furaha Guillaume, Executive secretary of the Buruhukiro sector, thanked Never Again Rwanda in carrying out their (leader’s) responsibilities. But he also praised the youth trained by NAR for engaging in different events, activities and mobilization.

“Youth help us in different government’s programs by, for example, helping the needy, hygiene mobilization and attending community dialogues. At the international day of women, youth participated in larger numbers than women”.

He recommended that local leaders and communities take care of their youth rather than excluding them because most of them give up home while being marginalised and solving problems which are affecting them.

Birandeba campaign

In the Birandeba campaign, youth from Nyamagabe, Gisagara, Huye, Nyabihu and Ngororero who were trained under Inzira nziza project in August 2017, initiate the week of “Birandeba Campaign” in their community. The campaign will constitute of activities such as: meet the parliamentarian dialogues, radio shows, and youth competitions.

Inzira Nziza project

Inzira Nziza is a two-year project funded by USAID Rwanda, implemented by Never Again Rwanda in 5 districts (Nyamagabe, Gisagara and Huye from the Southern province, Nyabihu and Ngororero from the Western Province).

The overarching project goal is to contribute to the promotion of peaceful dialogue and democratic values through human rights based approaches and influence understanding of the rights of the most vulnerable groups in Rwanda.

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