Huye:Never Again Rwanda trains 80 youth to be champions of human rights.

By.Eric Birori.
80 youth from Huye participated in a 5 day training on human rights and democracy. They established their goals and commitments that will help them to take part in more of the decision making and public policy formulation processes in their communities. They strongly believe that they have potential due to the skills they have been given by Never Again Rwanda.
Participants of this training included 43 male and 37 females, who were selected from Ngoma, Rusatira, Ruhashya and Gishanvu sectors of Huye District. These participants were selected from CSOs, representatives of National Youth Council, and other youth affiliated to existing NAR clubs and associations. They explored the following thematic areas, human rights and social justice; political context and youth participation, democratic governance, critical thinking and youth engagement in policy and decision-making processes.
Youth were empowered through information dissemination, to be able and willing to actively engage in processes that address social, economic, and political issues in their communities.
The National youth council representative in Ruhashya sector noted that the training was very important as the youth have gained skills that will help them to communicate with community and local leaders.
“Our potential is from the skills we have acquired here; this critical thinking course helped us to raise constructive ideas as young people in handling different issues. Our communities are striving for general interests and good governance” he added.
A participant from Ngoma sector, Goreth Kanyana, said this training will make it easier for her to make right decisions and be aware of their effects.
Also she added “We had a course about critical thinking which showed us whatever you choose to do, it must be effective. You should think about the approaches you can use, the impact it has in a community and being responsible for it”.
“Active citizens must have critical thinking skills; we believe that this training will help them to critically analyze everything that is happening on ground”. Said Fred Musiime one of the training facilitators.

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