Helpless orphan receives support from Inzira Nziza beneficiaries

By. Eric Birori

Oftentimes we meet or talk with orphans, but it is not most of the time that we think about how it feels like to be an orphan.

The 22 year-old Sibomana Emmanuel was born in Nyakibanda cell, Gishamvu sector in the Huye District. After his mother died, his father sent him into the world helpless with nowhere to go and nowhere to turn.

At 10 years old, he started to live a life full of pain, fear and loneliness. But the pain was aggravated by being rejected by his own family and he started living life without a hope of tomorrow.

He struggled in different households as a cowboy, doing hard labor to take care of himself and he did not attend schools like many others.

He said, “in order to afford something to eat I carry out hard labor, because I had no parents to provide me food and shelter”.

Fortunately, he decided to make some positive and personal changes in his lifestyle which managed to steer his life in a more positive direction.

“I chose to steer my life in a more positive direction because I have no parents to provide me health care, food and shelter. I thought when I will lose my conscience nobody will tolerate me”, Sibomana added.

It is against this background that Inzira Nziza beneficiaries in Gishamvu sector in the Huye district gave him support through community work and building materials to provide him with a place that he can call home after so many years.

In community work with Inzira Nziza beneficiaries, local leaders from the community praise him to keep his positive attitude and they say that even through his life setbacks, his bond with people is still strong.

Even in his critical situation, he has said that the youth shouldn’t be impossible to manage because many may lose their future while their parents do everything for their health care.

He recommended that youth participate actively in government programs because it’s where other youth have, in the past, realised that there was a vulnerable young man in their communities (namely, him) and provided him with support.

Nyiramana Verediana, the leader of the cell, thanked Never Again Rwanda beneficiaries for their willingness to feed and assist others, and even invest for future use.

Kayiranga Janvier, Executive Secretary of the Nyakibanda cell, said that, in their communities, they have strategies to engage youth and communicate with them through sports and other entertainment-based activities.

He said that youth should use Sibomana Emmanuel as an example of an orphan who is helpless but keeps participating in different activities including umuganda and night patrol (irondo). On top of this, he tries to avoid any misunderstandings between him and his neighbors.

Kayiranga tackled their plan to help him by continuing to mobilize youth alongside the local community to support him through community work and to put him on the list of VUP beneficiaries.





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