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Gender equality still a problem nowadays, even though a lot of things have changed from the two last centuries regarding the equality between men and women, it is still a problem in our society. Let´s face it, inequality in gender exists and it affects women more than men. Men have always been considered stronger than female, since the beginning of time; women have always been suppressed, and have been considered to be the weaker and sublime sex as compared to men. There are people who believe that there are basis and facts that support gender inequality. Today women are able to free in terms of work, speak; movement and all the basic fundamental desires. In fact we still believe in the ancient ideas of men being better than women from our past generations. One of the most common things you would hear from the people who do not go along with sexual equality, is the biological and physical differences that exist between the sexes, and until certain point they are right, for example, men are taller than women on average, but an individual woman may be taller than an individual man and also physically force are different. There is also the difference of the reproductive organs and of course the physical strength difference. But these factors are not enough to say that a woman has fewer capabilities than a man, some of the capabilities could be in a different level but that does not mean that they cannot be developed until reaching equity. There are no basis in order for a man to say that men are better than women, because force doesn’t determine intelligence, where the world of today needs

2 intelligence more than physical force.”If force is the determinant of intelligence the lion should lead the world”. Women in education the differences between boys and girls schooling are greatest seen, in the regions with the lowest primary school completion rates and lowest average incomes. In Sub-Saharan Africa the ratio of girls to boys enrollments in primary and secondary school has hardly changed since 1990, and in 1999 it stood at 82 percent. In South Asia progress has been greater, but girls enrollments reached only 81 percent of boys in 1999 as compared to the 92% enrollment of boys. The number of literate women aged 15-24 years in the world went up from 390 million in 1990 to 432 million in 2000. This represents a global increase in the female literacy rate of approximately 3 percentage points from 80 to 83 percent. At current rates, however, the target of eliminating gender inequality in education by 2015 will not be met, with the literacy rate for women 15-24 projected to be 88 per cent, versus a projected rate of 92 for young men. Equality in education is an important issue, as gender equality guidelines improve education for both men and women. The goal of providing better education for women does notmean neglecting or suppressing men.

By placing men and women on an equal level, the relatively increased valuing of women will, it’s sharpening their potential “Give me six hours to chop down the tree and i will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. this is an important things which is needed, to sharpen women as men. And also some parents treat boys and girls differently in terms of education, where boys are given first priority.”A child miseducated is a child lost”. This is what happens to block girls education main caused by believe, for example in Palestine, where some parents didn’t understand the important of education to the girls. Education is the only key to gender equality in the world.

Women in terms of economy, according to the global gender reports 2015 show that Rwanda scores 79.4 percent and occupy sixth place in the world ,first was Iceland which score 88.1 percent, the last country was Yemen with 48.4 percent and Pakistan with 55.9 percent. to mean Rwanda is making a tangible and amazing development ,these happens during twenty one years ago, the country born again after genocide against Tutsi. In addition Rwanda parliament has 64 percent female representative, and Rwanda is among the first country in the world to keep the stability of security. But we still have a challenge to overcome in terms of some parent misunderstanding, and even to free girls to be able to take a decision in terms of sexual

3 intercouse and confidence.”I can do what you cannot do, you can do what I cannot do together we can do great”. We need sharing opportunity around and enjoy diversity, forexample a man and woman give birth because of diversity.”If you want something said, ask a man if you want something done ask a woman”. Therefore no one is born to undervalued or blocked for any opportunity. Throughout history, women have made many contributions to society and their role has been noticed and has changed. Mankind has realized that we need gender equality, but there are still a lot of people who deny accepting that this need is a fact now, despite that there has been a progress in the way male people treat women and also open up more opportunities for them, I can say that it has not been enough. And I know it is not an easy task to do but I rely on our evolution as society and I believe that we can completely eradicate this issue from our lives. In addition to recognize that diversity is power.

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