The youth shares experiences and best practices to alleviate poverty and to sustain their projects.


Today Never Again Rwanda brought together 50 young innovators and professionals to reflect on the theme of this year’s international youth day “The role of the youth in poverty alleviation and achieving sustainability”.   Participant of this interactive discussion “Urubuga rw’ibitekerezo” shared their experiences in starting businesses and social initiatives looking forward for sustainability.

Dr Joseph Nkurunziza, NAR country director, started by emphasising on the role mentorship can play in the life and success of a young person, be it from an older person or from their own peers. The different experiences they bring could help them in developing their ideas or businesses.

The debate turned around the subject matter of starting an income generating activities, getting the capital and having the skills to initiate and sustain the project. Having an idea, the passion, commitment and right partnerships are key strategies highlighted by the country director of Never Again Rwanda as he was advising the participants of the youth discussion forum.

“I have learned from others, their strength and challenges taught me that I can also do it” Shanton Ngabire, a young professional “I always had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and kept telling myself that I can’t make it. But now I have hoped that I can make it.” He added.

In his conclusions, NAR Chairperson, Albert Nzamukwereka, emphasised that the youth need to adopt a culture of saving, as it is the only way to move ahead in life. On top of saving, youth need to be innovative and creative in their thinking. With the business-friendly environment created by the government, the youth of Rwanda should take advantage of it and thrive.

By: Copain Fabrice Bienaimé & Gatali Teddy

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