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Squawka note for example that his shot accuracy is at a high of 83 percent, dwarfing Benzema’s 59 per cent, Cristiano Ronaldo’s 57 per cent and Gareth Bale’s 48 per cent.

Given the requisite amount of game time within which to foster some confidence, there is little doubt that Jese will convert that sort of accuracy into goals eventually.

His passing is also up to scratch. His 80 per cent is better than both Benzema and Bale and only slightly behind Ronaldo’s 81 per cent.

Whilst there is no suggestion at this stage that Jese would consider swapping the sunnier climbs of the Spanish capital for north London, if Arsenal work well over the coming days, there is every chance that the youngster could be persuaded.

Arsene Wenger’s side can offer him a platform to showcase his talent and in turn the Gunners will be repaid handsomely by a player who has been champing at the bit for first team action for a while now.

Sky Sports’ La Liga pundit Gerry Armstrong has already noted on one of his social media accounts that:

‘Arsenal have absolutely no chance of signing Benzema because Real Madrid will not break up their fantastic front three (Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale).

I’ve seen reports that Arsenal have offered £40million for him. It’s a lot of money but I have heard he’s going nowhere.’

Jese would cost nowhere near that, so what are you waiting for Arsene?

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